Merci de ne PAS poster de messages concernant la vente d'un organe et comportant des coordonnées téléphoniques, e-mail, etc. La loi française interdit la vente d'organes.

"Evolution by Intelligent Design"

Nos généticiens et éthiciens 1.0 vont avoir du boulot !
"Genome Biology:  Artificial chromosomes like these could be used as Trojan horses to sneak useful new traits into the human genome."

"'There are no shortcuts in evolution,' famed Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis once said. He might have reconsidered those words if he could have foreseen the coming revolution in biotechnology, including the ability to alter genes and manipulate stem cells. These breakthroughs could bring on an age of directed reproduction and evolution in which humans will bypass the incremental process of natural selection and set off on a high-speed genetic course of their own. Here are some of the latest and greatest advances."

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