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India seeks to increase organ donors

"India is trying to increase the number of local organ donors. Spain, the world leader, has 35.1 organ donors per million, Britain 27, USA 26, Canada 14, and Australia 11. But India has only 0.08 donors per million.
'It is paradoxical that a country like ours with a billion plus population should have shortage of organs for transplantation,' says health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad.
Recently Mr Azad announced a national program to boost organ donation. He plans to promote deceased organ donation, set up a procurement system and a national distribution system, establish new transplant facilities and train health care personnel. India may even register willingness to donate on driving licences.
This ambitious program has to contend with deep cultural prejudices. Dr S.K. Agarwal, a leading kidney specialist, told the Times of India: 'The concept of organ donation has not taken firm root in India due to poor awareness and multiplicity of myths. For instance, believers in reincarnation fear being born without donated organs in their next life. There is a greater need for increasing awareness.'" ~ Times of India, Nov 27
By Michael Cook, BioEdge Editor

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