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Kosovo's leader to be investigated over organ trafficking allegations

by Jared Yee | Sep 01, 2011 |        
"An American diplomat is to investigate whether Kosovo's prime minister was involved in trafficking organs from murdered Serb prisoners. John Clint Williamson has been asked by the European Union mission in Kosovo to investigate accusations against Hashim Thaci. In a Council of Europe report released last year, a Swiss member of the European Parliament, Dick Marty, alleged that the Kosovo Liberation Army ran detention camps where civilian prisoners - mostly Serbs - were killed and their organs sold on the black market.
The prime minister hotly denied the allegations. He says he is ready to assist any investigation. He says the accusations were slanderous lies and had smeared all of Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia in 2008.
Mr Williamson, was the head of Kosovo's Justice Department in 2001-02 when the territory was under UN administration. He then served as UN Ambassador-at-large for war crimes matters. Both the UN and EU have maintained so far that their investigations into the alleged organ harvesting have not yielded any evidence. Pressure from Serbia and its ally Russia, however, has brought the issue to international attention." ~ London Telegraph, Aug 30


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