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"Fundamentals of the Stem Cell Debate: The Scientific, Religious, Ethical and Political Issues"

Edited by Kristen Renwick Monroe, Ronald B. Miller, and Jerome Tobis. 218 pp., illustrated. Berkeley, University of California Press, 2008. USD 50 (cloth); USD 19.95 (paper). ISBN 978-0-520-25210-3 (cloth); 978-0-520-25212-7 (paper).

"Human embryonic stem cells were isolated 10 years ago with the use of knowledge that had been gained from more than 20 years of research in rodents and nonhuman primates. The scientific goalposts have changed constantly since then, and each change has sent ripples through the religious, ethical, and political issues that are related to stem-cell research. This book is drawn from conference presentations that were made in May 2004 by 13 faculty members and students, mostly from the University of California at Irvine. It now serves as a marker in what has been a turbulent 10-year period." (

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