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Chinese Academy of Sciences embraces open access

"The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) today announced details of a membership agreement with BioMed Central to cover publication costs for research articles published by researchers at its institutions. CAS has long been a supporter of open access, having signed the Berlin Declaration in 2004.

Under the terms of the arrangement, CAS, through its library, will centrally cover half of the article processing charge (APC) for its researchers should the article be accepted for publication in one of BioMed Central’s 205 peer-reviewed open access journals.

By funding APCs in this way, CAS makes it as straightforward as possible for its researchers to make their results universally accessible, bringing increased international recognition for China’s research output.

BioMed Central has seen significant growth in the number of published articles from authors based in mainline China and the Far East. Just 1.5 per cent of all submissions received in 2004 came from the region, compared to 6.2 per cent in 2008. This expansion in both the quantity and also the quality of published research demonstrates the increasing significance of open access across the region.

Speaking of the membership arrangement with BioMed Central, Dr. Xiaolin Zhang, the Executive Director of CAS Library, said that CAS is committed to open access to knowledge, and the collaboration with BioMed Central is just one of many ways for CAS to promote open access, including institutional OA repositories and experimental OA publishing, while working together with international communities in activities such as hosting Berlin Conference 8 in 2010 or joining initiatives like DRIVER. The experience gained from BMC membership will help evaluate the effectiveness of various approaches, improve CAS OA policies, and facilitate OA activities."

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