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How is the web changing science? Join us at Science Online London 2010 to find out

Science Online London 2010 - September 3-4, 2010 — British Library

"Nature, Mendeley, and the British Library are excited to present Science Online London 2010. How is the web changing the way we conduct, communicate, share, and evaluate research? How can we employ these trends for the greater good? This September, a brilliant group of scientists, bloggers, web entrepreneurs, and publishers will be meeting for two days to address these very questions.
In addition to a number of keynotes and talks, Science Online is about community, and is an experience that you can shape. Exchange ideas with others like you. Propose and take part in un-conference sessions, ignite talks, the famous FringeFrivolous Roofterrace Night with free drinks and discussions (limited to 50 attendees, so register now!), or a trip to the Diamond Light Source Synchrotron. The conference venue in the heart of London boasts excellent catering, free wifi, and a number of cafés and exhibitions.

Sign up here, see photos of last year's event on Flickr, and follow the conference on Twitter (comment with hashtag #solo10).

Registration is now open and is only UKP 50 for the two day event."

Science Online London 2010
3-4 September, 2010
British Library
St. Pancras

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