Merci de ne PAS poster de messages concernant la vente d'un organe et comportant des coordonnées téléphoniques, e-mail, etc. La loi française interdit la vente d'organes.

First partial face transplant has happened in France

"The hospitals’ statement said the woman was in 'excellent' condition, and the transplanted organs looked 'normal.' She wants to rem ain anonymous, the statement added. The woman was disfigured by a dog bite in May, and the injury made it difficult for her to speak and chew, the statement said. Such injuries are 'extremely difficult, if not impossible' to repair using normal surgical techniques, it added. The organs were taken from a donor who was brain dead, with the family’s consent, the statement said. Experts say the mouth and nose are the most difficult parts of the face to transplant."


The huge range of ethical issues in face transplantation was reviewed
in The American Journal of Bioethics special issue on face transplantation
(Vol. 4, N° 3, Sept. 2004):

==> Access the AJOB special issue: click here.

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