Merci de ne PAS poster de messages concernant la vente d'un organe et comportant des coordonnées téléphoniques, e-mail, etc. La loi française interdit la vente d'organes.

"Success of organ donation after out-of-hospital cardiac death and the barriers to its acceptance"

Authors: Bradley J Kaufman , Stephen P Wall , Alexander J Gilbert , Nancy N Dubler and Lewis R Goldfrank for the New York City Uncontrolled Donation after Cardiac Death Study Group

Critical Care 2009, Published: 5 October 2009.

Abstract (provisional):
"It is well documented that transplants save lives and improve quality of life for patients suffering from kidey, liver, and heart failure. Uncontrolled donation after cardiac death (UDCD) is an effective and ethical alternative to existing efforts towards increasing the available pool of organs. However, people who die from an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest are currently being denied the opportunity to be organ donors except in those few locations where out-of-hospital UDCD programs are active, such as in Paris, Madrid, and Barcelona. Societies have the medical and moral obligation to develop UDCD programs."


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